To make Dota 2 look better, I suggest the following:

1. Make Dota 2 home UI chatbox words and emoticon bigger
Reason: To see the chatbox words and emoticon more easily

2. Provide the option to scale the Dota 2 In game friends list and Party list height and width
Reason: To enable Dota 2 users to see their friends in party and list more easily

3. Make the status of friend's current status or location (for example private lobby's name instead of private lobby only)
Reason: To enable to Dota 2 users see which of their friends are currently in which private lobby and join it

4. Enable chat at the end of the match in-match too besides post game
Reason: To allow users to finish typing the words they wanted to say in match even when the match has ended

5. Enable the lobby host to put bots in the player slots
Reason: To enable more flexible human and bot coop mode