Current situation: Undying's immortal cosmetic "Pale Augur" is worn on the right arm, here is the preview: Pale Augur.png.
Recently Valve has added an amazing set for Undying named "Grim Reformation", it looks like this: Grim Rformation.png.

Problem: a significant part of the ""Grim Reformation" set is being worn on Undying's left arm. This part of the set is mutually exclussive with "Pale Augur" even though the latter is worn only on one hand.

Suggested solution: make left and right arm's cosmetics independent from each other, similarly as in cases of Bloodseeker's or Ember Spirit's. I do believe that this will cause a positive response from the playerbase, and the number of Udying sets in the game is low enough to allow such a change with little effort.