I downloaded the replay for a recent game (match id: 2794561138 )

However it doesn't play properly, only 3 hero are loading, sf, silencer and lifestealer. After that they stay in the fountain (but are doing their animation correctly).
I tried deleting the replay, downloading it again, restarting dota2, still the same thing. Replay downloaded way before work fine. A replay from today works fine as well.

While playing it has the following message in red on the top right: WARNING: CL_FlushEntityPacket, Update delta tick XXXXXX not found.

The console has some erro message concerning a RESOURCE, but the same message appear while spectating and it works fine.
The console starts with "Demo skipping tick 6934 from curent 2, full packet tick 5402" And then a bunch of "Update delta tick XXXXXX not found."