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Thread: Invoker short key bug

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    Exclamation Invoker short key bug

    I have played invoker for many years.It is just i cant bear it anymore.Although i am using legacy key, the qwerdf wont disappear.for example if i have tornado(X)and EMP(Y) i can press either X or D to use tornado, if tornado is in 1st icon of 2 invoked spells.In the same way, the emp can be used by pressing Y and F if put in 2nd icon. It is really annoying.Please fix....tq.

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    browse with a file manager / explorer to:
    Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota\cfg\
    open user_keys_default.vcfg with a text editor / notepad and place a // in front of any line starting with a key name it bothers you or simply delete respective line

    a simple example with all default keys removed:

                "X_AXIS"    "iv_rightleft"    
                "Y_AXIS"    "!iv_forwardback"
                "MOUSE_X"    "iv_yaw"
                "MOUSE_Y"    "iv_pitch"
                "U_AXIS"    "iv_yaw"    
                "R_AXIS"    "iv_pitch"    
    There might be leftovers in Steam Cloud, so enable then open the in-game Console, and write: unbindall
    then make sure you reset your hotkeys from the settings menu to your preferred profile

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    Hope it works.thank u for yr help. Hope u have a nice day..

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