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Thread: ranked queue bug

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    ranked queue bug

    Hi guys,

    I have been busy since March this year and I lost 1.6k mmr in like a month or so, so I decided to quit.

    Recently, i'm back to the game for the past couple of days.

    I warmed up some games, then I decided to try ranked again.

    Now i'm stuck with a problem which I believe is a bug.

    I can't find any ranked game, I even selected Aus, Sea and Japan server.

    My MMR is 3.2k only tho.

    but I have been waiting for like hours. I have queued like for 2 days, which I only played one game after like a whole hour waiting time.

    I guess it might because DOTA2 changed something in the ranked and because I was actually not playing since march or I got some weird bug happening?

    Is this a bug? and how am I supposed to solve this or who should I contact to solve.

    please help.


    really appreciated.

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    up .really need help

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