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Thread: [Bug] Holding Alt does not show hero attributes.

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    [Bug] Holding Alt does not show hero attributes.

    When spectating a game, holding alt to see a hero's attributes does not bring up the red, green, and blue balls or the current stats of the selected hero.

    Go to watch tab.
    Select Watch In-Game.
    Select a Hero.
    Hold Alt.

    Attributes do not appear over damage/armor/move speed.

    Attributes appear.

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    They redesigned it for you to hover over the stats at the bottom to see the attributes.

    Although same problem occurs, the time scrub blocks you from seeing attributes while watching because you can't hover over the stats.

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    This bug was effectively fixed by a more recent UI update; you're correct about the replay bar blocking the new stats. It also blocks the lowest item in the current backpack design.

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