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Thread: [Ancient Apparition] [Gyrocopter]Cold Feet & Homing Missile using lvl 1 recharge time

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    [Ancient Apparition] [Gyrocopter]Cold Feet & Homing Missile using lvl 1 recharge time

    Cold Feet has a cooldown of 13/11/9/7 seconds.

    Homing Missile has a cooldown of 20/17/14/11 seconds.

    When skilling the talents which grants 3 Cold Feet/Homing Missile charges, their cooldown is supposed to be their new recharge timer. This means it is supposed to change per level.

    However, only the first charge uses the correct recharge time. All other charges use the level 1 cooldown, instead of the current level. So if you have 3/3 charges, and use one, that one will use the correct recharge time. If you use your second and third charge before the first charge is available again, those charges will use the level 1 cooldown as recharge time, regardless of the spell's level.

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    Gyrocopter homing missile talent

    If gyrocopter take talent with 3 homing missile 1st time it will have cd 11 sec and it don't change with talent or octarine core. But then cd will 20 sec and it change with octarine core or talent.

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    Plus: Cooldown reduction doesn't affect the very first recharge time. That means when the first time use those abilities, it uses cooldown of current level exactly, not being reduced.

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