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Thread: add "Disabling weather conditions via Console" for us to buy/anjoy terrains please

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    add "Disabling weather conditions via Console" for us to buy/anjoy terrains please

    Hello, a lot of ppl have asked for this, and now with the new terrain it would make more people buy it.

    Sometimes the terrain is great (permanent or not) but not all ppl like the weather it comes with, or have fps problems while running it. You have added the cloth animation, with helps with the last compedium permanent weather. However you have never added a way for players to disable weather. Or make a "weather" item so use in terrains with a base weather, which actually doesn't show any weather.

    This is what making a lot of ppl desist of buying the new king's journey weather, after the bad taste of buying our way trought compedium lvl 125 to get inmortal gardens and being unable to play without the distracting for some, -fps for others red petals, aside from being unable to fully enjoy winter, spring and autumn terrains.

    We'd love to have a dev's anwer to know at last if devs are working or planning to work on it so we could procced to spend money it that kind of cosmetics. or we should just have to desist.

    I think dota 2 is far superior from other mobas but other mobas may actually have better user's feedback, I hope this proves me wrong.

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    That option is needed indeed.

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