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Thread: here's an extendable hero_selection

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    here's an extendable hero_selection

    I've whipped up a hero_selection that fairly well mimics the default behavior - it assigns both teams a random lineup of bots, drawn from the ones with default AI implemented. It's got hooks to require specific hero selections (if you're testing AI for a new hero), and you can configure the timing of hero picks. Check it out here.

    1. It currently picks for all ten slots, whether or not there's a human in any of them.
    2. It currently guesses which slots are on which teams.
    3. It currently hardcodes which slots are being used by the players - these actually vary depending on whether you have humans, and what teams the humans are on. See USING THIS PROJECT for details. In a nutshell, you should start a game, open a console, check which player slots are being used, and modify the relevant global variables in the script. By default, it's configured for 5v5 bot matches, with a human in the coach slot - but it's trivial to switch for another setup.

    If you can figure out how to determine which slots are occupied by humans, and which slots are assigned to which teams, I will love you forever. (Assuming you tell me, that is). Then I can make this script properly awesome (and also make it better mimic the default bot hero selection behavior).

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    I am trying to figure out the same. So far from what I can gather is that when the bots are loaded in CDOTA_PlayerResource seems to give them a fake SteamID and Client. Seen here:

    CDOTA_PlayerResource: Adding player SteamID 90071996842377222 to slot 5 FakeClient=1 preferred slot = -1

    IF we have access to do so, we could possibly test whether or not that slot has a FakeClient value.

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