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Thread: Looking For Help With Item Selling

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    Looking For Help With Item Selling

    Thanks to the initial hints from the example files I've been able to make custom item purchase orders, set conditions around them, and set up purchasing side items if a situation calls for it. What I haven't been able get get working is selling items that aren't needed anymore.

    Within a ItemPurchaseThink function I've tried using conditions like individually using or combining game time, if the bot is at a shop, if the next purchase item is X then sell Y, etc. Most of the time they continue on like the instructions aren't there, and the most progress I've made it them being at a shop and then just ceasing to do anything from then on.

    No doubt Action_SellItem is needed, but is there perhaps a think function that's not mentioned in the Wiki yet? When it comes to items the only one mentioned is ItemPurchaseThink() to be used in files like item_purchase_heroname.lua.

    Does there need to be a separate file for each action like item_sell_heroname.lua? Any input is appreciated. I'm aware the wiki is still WIP but just want to check if anyone has figured it out.
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