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Thread: [Confirmed] Primal Spring interaction with Cyclones and other forced movement spells

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    [Confirmed] Primal Spring interaction with Cyclones and other forced movement spells

    Monkey kings channeling ability (Primal Spring) jumping down from a tree was not interrupted by Invokers Tornado.

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    Monkey King primal spring doesn't get cancelled by euls scepter

    When monkey king casts primal spring from a tree and an enemy uses euls scepter nothing happens. The euls scepter goes on cooldown and you'll hear the sound, but primal spring doesn't get cancelled.

    happened in this game: 2887198746
    time 29:25, Elder Titan used euls scepter on Monkey King

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    This happens against many other moving spells as well.

    1. Primal Roar: When hit as a secondary target, the disabling knockback gets fully canceled. He gets damaged and slowed only.
    2. Power Cogs: The disabling knockback gets canceled. He gets damaged and mana drained only.
    3. Vacuum: The sucking to the center gets canceled. He gets immediately damaged instead.
    4. Eul's Scepter of Divinity Cyclone: Doesn't whirl MK up. Immediately damages him
    5. Tornado: Doesn't whirl MK up. Immediately damages him.
    6. Adaptive Strike: The knockback gets fully canceled. Damages and stuns still.
    7. Meat Hook: The pulling gets canceled. Only damages him. If MK reaches the target area before the hook fully retracted, he gets immediately teleported to Pudge. If the hook finishes before, MK escapes fully.
    8. Telekinesis: The lift gets instantly canceled. Applies aoe stun instantly around MK.
    9. Greater Bash: The disabling knockback gets canceled. Only damage is applied.
    10. Brewmaster Cyclone: Doesn't while up. The sound gets stuck on MK permanently
    11. Toss: Gets completely canceled. Damage is applied to MK instantly on cast
    12. Snowball: Trying to pull in MK inside the snowball makes him leave the Snowball instantly. The damage is still added to the Snowball
    13. All knockup spells (Earth Spike, Impale, Burrowstrike, Ravage, Torrent) get their knockup canceled as well, but this has little gameplay impact as their stun still stays

    Then there are non-disabling moving spells, which are also weird

    Flamebreak, Gust, Boulder Smash, Geomagnetic Grip, Force Staff, Hurricane Pike, Deafening Blast, Blinding Light, Ghostship, all of them can knock MK off his tree, but Primal Spring still finishes.

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    Pudge hook vs Monkey King while on a tree

    There is a bug with monkey king while he is on a tree. I think that if there is a difference between the ground level, i.e., from pudge's position and the tree where mk is on the hook will not work. I guess this is a bug. You can check it out at the following game id: 2896097608

    Minute 27:36.



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