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Thread: [Anti-Mage] Spell Shield does not go on cooldown when proccing on Snowball or Toss

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    [Anti-Mage] Spell Shield does not go on cooldown when proccing on Snowball or Toss

    At minute 29, Anti-Mage with Aghanims blocks Tiny's Toss without Spell Shield going to cooldown and a second after blocks Juggers Ult as well, then going to cooldown.

    Match ID: 2847593217

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    Only happens when reflecting Toss and Snowball, since those 2 spells are the only ones which proc Lotus Orb, but not Linken's Sphere. Spell Shield's block/reflect behavior is the same as that from those items. But it only goes on cooldown on blocked spells, so Toss/Snowball don't proc its cooldown.

    They should, obviously.

    Please, just call me buny.

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    Big Anti-Mage Aghanims BUG

    Found this bug while playing Tusk vs Anti-mage who had scepter...

    When i used Tusk's Snowball to disable Anti-Mage's Aghanims it reflected back the snowball as intended but the bug is that his spell block/reflect didnt go on cooldown because teammate used immediate hex and he reflected hex as well as the snowball in just 4-5 sec
    (he didn't have refresher, cooldown reduction and the interval of spells wasn't longer than the cooldown)

    Thank you in advance dev team and I hope you will confirm that you are solving this bug.

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