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Thread: [Confirmed] Rubick can be seen by the enemy from the ground during Tree Dance

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    [Confirmed] Rubick can be seen by the enemy from the ground during Tree Dance

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    Bug with rubick and tree dance

    Rubick with stolen tree dance is visible from low ground to enemy without having any hg vision , again rubick is visible to enemy while a monkey king with tree dance at the same situation will be out of sight.

    I tested it with enemy rubick + enemy mk on same tree i could have seen the rubick w.o hg vision and i could not see the mk on the same tree both stood.

    I gave away a kill in a game cus of this bug

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    Tree Dance on Rubick isn't hidden from sight while MK is

    1. Pick Rubick and steal Tree Dance and cast it on any tree without any vision protect (like other trees).
    2. Let enemy grant vision over that tree.
    1. Let MK jump to the same tree and let enemy grant the same vision.

    Rubick isn't hidden from trees. Instead, once enemy grant vision over the tree, Rubick is revealed, while MK is still hidden.

    Rubick should be hidden from it as well.

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    Rubick bug

    If rubick stole second spell MK enemy can see rubick on tree

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    Post [Rubick] Stolen Tree Dance doesnt properly hide Rubick

    An enemy can see a Rubick that is sitting on a Tree, if aforementioned enemy comes too close to Rubick (similar to how melee units can see/deward uphill).

    This does not apply to Monkey King sitting on a Tree.

    It seems that Tree Dance is simply bugged for Rubick. It isnt fully hiding him.

    Current behaviour: Enemy heroes are able to see a Tree Dance'd Rubick via proximity, despite not having flying vision.

    Intended behaviour: Rubick should not be visible/attackable, unless the enemy team has flying vision. Tree Dance should work for Rubick as it works for Monkey King.

    Video showcase:

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