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Thread: Shop Improvement Suggestion(s)

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    Shop Improvement Suggestion(s)

    I don't know if someone already propose these suggestions. I want to help new players especially experience players and even professional players benefit to these suggestions.

    1. Add "open shop" description in the shop button on the in-game UI (user interface)
    - I didn't realized that the shop button was gone (a bit) because I always using a hotkey for that. This will help new players to access the shop without confusion.

    2. Let us edit the names of the builds and the guide itself and add names IN-GAME
    - early game, late game, etc.

    3. Make popular items and general items "toggable"
    - add SHOW/HIDE button to "popular items" and "general items" section

    If you have other suggestions, please kindly reply, I might add those in the suggestion thread.

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    No further suggestions.

    Special stress on point 3, I don`t need the game to hold my hand with these mandatory suggested items.

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    Well the shop UI needs to be inverted, shop needs to be on the right side at all times it would remove the toggle grid featured that basically serves no purpose other than taking a chunk of your screen, allow us to remove popular items and general items since by having the shop at the right side those 2 boxes become redundant. The grid bit should show us our items and possible builds for them, that would make sense to have a grid for.

    And whats the point of having a search bar if you guys didnt add the hotkey for it, the idea is to reduce clicks to use the shop not add even more, i press F.. calls the shop want to search something.. oh noooo have to click the bar then start typing

    Right now the shop UI reminds me heavily of the Infinity crisis shop, its severely counter productive, shopping needs to be done on the fly.

    And increase the shop "memory" allow the shop to keep track of more than one item build.
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    There is a shop key for search it defaults to V (it always did). It can be changed in dotakeys_personal.lst if you must.

    But what's more efficient even than the old shop keys, is to activate Advanced Options - Shop Search Gets Focus On Open
    Simply open shop and start typing item name, and use Enter / Shift Enter to buy, then the next time you open the shop again, the search box is automatically cleared. You can't get any more "on the fly" than that.
    Sure, you need a suitable non-alphanumeric hotkey (default F4 or any other F1-F12 key, CAPS, BACKSPACE, MENU, -+\{}:"<>? etc.), not something silly such as "B" "F" and other letters.

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    4. Bring back 6.88 Shop UI
    - where the shop is on the right side and the guide is on the left side of the shop
    - including the popular and general items on the left side of the shop

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    5. Devs probably concerned for the new ones having no idea how to build an item for a certain hero, thats why they prioritize the guide panel showing first after pressing shorcut key. As for the experienced folks, they probably dont need the general guide and just rely on self knowledge.
    - Give us the option to switch the shop and the guides panel in the Settings Menu.
    - Show a small tooltip icon for the panel regarding this option (Optional)

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    Hello I am someone who only plays dota 2 and I like the items for the heroes but here comes my request, I would like some items that were exclusive in events like the international ones were for sale only for a time like a garage sale because ay Some players just like me who want to have the exclusive items of the compendia that could not buy or other reasons that lomas is my request.

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