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Thread: Export Requirements to address Model Distortions

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    Export Requirements to address Model Distortions

    If you are experiencing stretched and distorted models when compiling in our item workshop tool, be sure to:

    1. Import Valve's reference model and export your item model with your importer/exporter set to a scale factor of 1.0
    2. Export your model in its static default bind pose with no animation
    3. EXACTLY match the scale, positions and rotations of the joints in Valve’s model bind pose if skinned to a Valve skeleton
    4. If you still have problems when exporting an FBX, try exporting a DMX if you have that option

    You can also look at other solutions on our Item Troubleshooting page.

    If you are still experiencing distorted workshop model compiles after following these requirements, please report them here by telling us:

    1. What software you are using to author your items
    2. What plug-ins you are using to export your files
    3. Whether you are exporting in FBX or DMX
    4. Whether you are using a Valve or a custom skeleton

    Thank you.
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