Since the shop has become somewhat smaller, the space reserved to our customization ends up having a scroll bar as you place items for your own custom builds. This scroll bar is actually so small, that not only is it annoying to miss precious seconds scrolling it so you can see the other items in your own build, it pretty much makes you drag the camera sideways as the cursor is much bigger than the scroll, and this shop scroll is at the edge of the screen. So it brings another annoying problem thanks to the space occupied by the aforementioned "Popular items". Without it being there, I'd be able to see the bottom part of my custom build with no need to scroll it down.

It's utterly impractical and annoying to use the shop with custom builds right now and I hope I'm being able to properly describe the situation in place.
I imagine there must be a way to remove these standard parts of the shop, even if needing to edit some game files/textfiles.