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Thread: Valve can you please take your time and read this?

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    Valve can you please take your time and read this?

    With every update for Dota I am more and more pessimistic. I have given up that I will see an update for the UI not to mention many other things that before patch 7.00 made Dota enjoyable.
    My crusade is that every month I will write this post until I have have a positive/negative answer. I invested money and over 3.5k hours in dota and even that I am insignificant like a roach in New York I will fight for my answer.
    1.Damage and armour breakdown (this is important even for new players, how will they understand a DD rune if you can't see that it doubles your BASE DAMAGE).

    1.1 We can not see the -minus damage from certain debuffs e.g. pitlords aura, Bane's Enfeeble, rubicks Fade bolt, Tide's Anchor Smash.
    During the early fights you may not see if you are affected by one of these things and therefore may overestimate themselves in a fight. (consequences? yes)

    1.2 We can not see the minus armor we get from certain spells and especially during early game when we get into negative value.
    Both of these things may work fine even with this UI, but the previous version of UI had a good psychological affect. You see red value = you think it's bad = you think about next step =. With a current UI, the red numbers are hidden unless you highlight your damage bar which in my opinion should be visible.

    2.Move LH/KDA to the bottom right side of the screen, preferably under the shop.

    3.The shop. Items are 10x times important than guide and suggestion. Just switch the main columns.

    4.Give us an option to show strength, agility and intelligence all the time.

    5.Bring back the learn ability hotkey.This...PLEASE! What was so bad about it in the first place?

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    +1 for learn ability hotkey and showing stats. I want to know if I'll be able to nuke that shitty Invoker with Nyx Mana Burn.

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