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Thread: Wraith King can crit Wards

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    Wraith King can crit Wards

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Spawn allied Wrath King, level up Mortal Strike
    2. Spawn enemy Venomancer, level up Plague Wards
    3. Let Wraith King hit multiple Plague Wards
    Actual result: Wraith King can crit Plague Wards
    Expected result: Critical Strikes cannot affect Plague Wards


    Other critical strikes (Phantom Assassin, Juggernaut, Chaos Knight) are not able to crit Plague Wards.
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    I am sure this is a mortal strike only specialty. This is the only crit able to do it on any kind of mechanical wards like that. For example it works on mass serpent wards, nether ward, nimbus cloud etc: Mortal Strike gamepedia
    I don't think it's a bug and intended because this did work on skeleton king as well. (Reference: Old Reddit thread & Skeleton King gamepedia)

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    Ok my bad then, thanks for the response.
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    I would add this to the bugs list as an inconsistency, since it's the only crit which does this. It is also inconsistent with its original DotA1 behavior.
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