When an enemy on low hp is affected by Lotus Orb's Echo Shell, casting Mist Coil on them causes them to suicide, instead of granting the kill to Abaddon.

1. Pick Abaddon and level up Mist Coil
2. Create an enemy hero and give it Lotus Orb
3. Put the enemy on low health, so that single Mist Coil would be enough to finish off
4. Cast Lotus Orb's Echo Shell on the enemy
5. Cast Mist Coil on the low hp shelled enemy

Result: The Lotus Orb causes the enemy to deny himself with the reflected Mist Coil. Abaddon's Mist Coil never damaged the target.

Expected: Abaddon's Mist Coil should first apply the damage on the enemy and then it should get reflected, so that the enemy dies to Abaddon, granting him the kill.

In my opinion, Lotus Orb should reflect with a short delay (like 0.1 seconds), instead of being instant. Because the instant-reflecting causes issues with many spells (especially ones which deal instant damage), not only Mist Coil.