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Thread: Downloading Replays

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    Downloading Replays

    With replay salt not available, is there a way to be able to download a match replay without spoofing as mentioned by other discussions?

    Also, how does DotaBuff download their replays? or gather their data if no replays?

    Thank you

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    they spoof.
    data from api + data from replays downloaded via spoofing.

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    Thank you for the info

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    try use this[match_id]
    It actually return a replay_salt field now. Thanks to opendota API

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    Bonus: I did work some with the opendota API and replay relevant things, I discovered that you can use this (for example)
    - if the response is [[]] then the replay is out of date
    - if it's not a null array as above, it will return 3 field: [match_id, replay_salt, cluster]. Which is fairly enough for you to download the replay

    I recommended you should use the right API call for the right functions, limit the spam so the server is in good state for others to use too (count me in xD).

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