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Thread: Low priority problem!!! Help please.

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    Exclamation Low priority problem!!! Help please.

    I apologize if I write not in that subject.
    I repeat that bad speak English, if the moderator will read it, please move to the desired topic and answer. THANK YOU
    Good day, just want to apologize for the English, I know a little English, so to pass the time, I write an appeal through the Google translator.
    Hoping writing is clear.
    The essence of my problem is: I have always a low priority there, allegedly abandoned the game, in this game, I do NOT leave. I very rarely play DotA and Once again, when I went to the game, I found a low priority, and it was written that I left four games, when I went into the statistics I saw what it was, although he had not noticed, I've finish the game by pressing the "Continue" button at the I counted that I left the game.
    And it was not only once.
    Please understand with this bug .....

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    People are reporting you.

    You are considered toxic by the community.

    Symptoms of Toxicity are as follows:

    Flaming noobs
    Not going 20/0/20
    Going 30/0/30 [enemy reports you in this case]
    Not saying obligatory GG EZ
    Not commending your team
    Not buying wards
    Not baby sitting your carry
    Building something non-meta
    Playing something non-meta
    Playing in a way that someone might disagree with
    Not wasting your ultimates to save one guy
    Not suiciding with your team
    Not pinging 5000 times for a miss
    Pinging 5000 times for a miss
    Causing your 0/25 safe lane carry to lose the game, because you are "unskilled"
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    Take a look into the mirror! You think you are completely unfailable. With your limited knowledge, you think that you know more than someone who is very deep in the matter/an expert.

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    so smart,I prefer to read the response from the Post

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