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Thread: January 20th backpack issues

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    If an idea to fix something hurts something else 10 times higher, and needs steps to fix itself, it must have been not a well-thought-out idea and things would be way better if it was not implemented in the first place...

    Again you come up with a "fix" that absolutely misses the point - it's about dragging items to team-mates or whatever and that's exactly the area needed if doing it towards south.

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    That's about 250 out of 1920 pixels (~13%). You can still drag southwards in the remaining 87% of the south window border. Obviously it's blocking more area for aspect ratios like 4:3

    You have to find an okayish middle ground and since they won't move the backpack to the right again because of 4:3 aspect ratio (or whatever other reason there might be). It's either ignoring reports of unwanted camera movement when dragging items or only disabling southwards edge pan in the backpack area. I feel like the latter is generally less of a restriction and more of a help to most players.

    I myself don't really mind either way, I want hotkeys to move items and swap them when both backpack & inventory are full.
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