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Thread: The few things I believe DotA 2 should port

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    Agreed on all especially the option to be able to double Q with Puck, note -option- just for the elitists that'll surely whine and want to use that extra key..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mataur View Post
    I'm not trolling at all, i'm trying to enjoy the game and would like that my hero answers my orders on dota 2 as fast as he does on HoN.
    My exemple is how I "feel" of course it doesn't answer in 1 sec, but it seems sooooooo long that I often fail action because of the delay. I'm not alone in this case and my friend playing the game cames to the same conclusion.

    Maybe it was worse the last evening i tryed because of european serveurs issue but i don't think so.

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    yeah item shop hotkeys would be great

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    #1 Just posted something about changing the console hotkey so I could use that one for the courier, turns out there's a bug opening the console with another bind instead of tilde. If you don't really need the console (you can always re-set it at autoexec.cfg) you can just bind ` dota_select_courier for that. Not the best solution but it works for the moment.

    #2 Agree

    #3 Agree

    #4 Item shop hotkeys already exist.
    Open it with shift+b (default, you can omit the shift and still enter the shop-with-hotkeys mode if you open console and set dota_shop_force_hotkeys to 1) and you'll be able to change pages with letters and buy items with 1-9 0 - =.
    Even though it's available, it's a bit buggy at the moment, since if you have something else bound to these keys, they won't work properly in the shop.
    (Example: I believe the Basics tab is bound to QWER and the Upgrades tab to ASDFGH. I have QWER/DF set to skills, so I can't change to some pages with hotkeys only. I can only use hotkeys to change to the 1st(A)/2nd(S)/6th(H) tabs (it's in the same order btw, keys->tabs) I have no idea why I can't open the 5th tab bound to the G key, since it's not anywhere in the settings, and console says it's not bound)
    Not just about this bug itself, but I think this way of buying items is too annoying/troublesome.
    You usually have one hand on the left part area of the keyboard, while the other hand is on your mouse.
    It would be easier to concentrate all the hotkeys you need on the same area you have your hand already, instead of having to move to the other side of the keyboard to press those. Even worse considering those hotkeys aren't the ones you usually press with that hand, making it easier to press wrong ones when you're in a rush.

    #5 Agree

    EDIT: but -> bug
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