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Thread: Workshop fails to launch item tools.

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    Workshop fails to launch item tools.

    I am looking to play around with workshop tools. I have the workshop installed but when I "launch item tools" (or launch custom game tools) it starts to run something and then closes.
    I'm basically stuck between step 8 and 9 in this link.

    I have deleted local content and reinstalled dota, I have also verified install files, I have all the dlc installed except the VR.

    Someone please help me.

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    I've tried installing it on a different computer with a different steam account, the first time it loaded up fine but the second time I opened it it stopped at the same spot after trying to launch item tools.
    Is someone looking into this or have any help for?

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    I noticed you said you have all DLC installed except for DotaVR, have you tried un-ticking all of the DLC except for workshop tools in case there's some kind of incompatibility? I haven't come across your problem so I can't be sure but it's worth a try. I just tried it myself and the tools do indeed work with no other DLC. I had to verify and download 600mb of files though but still.

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