Okay, let's make one thing straight: under a "voice filter" I mean something among the lines of Enigma's synthenised echo or Spectre's distorted voice. Basically, this is an additional effect layered upon the original recording to change the sound of it.

Quite a lot of heroes use voice filters right now, the most noticeable ones are Spectre, Engima, Death Prophet and some more. We may argue over how they're good or bad, but I'd like to suggest adding some to more heroes. Below is the list with explanations.

Venomancer: Additional dripping and, maybe, speed his voice up slightly so that he would sound more like a deformed, twisted creature that he is. Currently, Veno sounds like a human too much. A maniac, that's for sure, but still. He's the love spawn of a snake and a cockroach, after all.

Windrunner: Some gusts of wind or something among those lines, currently she sounds just way too generic. Maybe I'm a heartless latent homosexual, but her VO is really rather bland aside from the "cute factor".

Tinker: Machine sounds in the background, please. I loved the original Tinker for the mechanical stuttering in the background. Currently, he just doesn't have that feel. Make it sound a little more hi-tech, that's for sure, but in my opinion some indication of his robotic arms working in the background is a must. I really can't make myself associate the Kleiner voice with the hero image, which is not a good sign. And I'm playing Tinker more than any other hero.

Silencer: A very silent echo that cuts before the end of the line. That would give a little bit of that "silent" feel to the hero who's supposed to be fixed on silencing everything.

Necrolyte: Sounds of flies, rotting flesh (no, I have no idea how is that supposed to sound like) and something among those lines. Maybe do something to his voice for a more malevolent feel, because currently he's a walking pun machine that sounds like Warlock just too much. Warlock being the closest hero to him in the hero roster doesn't make the things better.

Add yours if you wish - or let this thread drown to the last pages, if you wish.