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Thread: Caustic Finale does not damage (Terrorblade) Illusions

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    Caustic Finale does not damage (Terrorblade) Illusions

    Hey guys,

    today I played a game as Sandking. I know that since Patch 7.00 "Aghanim's Scepter upgrade no longer applies Caustic Finale​ on illusions, only real heroes"

    However, the "normal" Caustic Finale Explosions do not damage (Terrorblade) Illusions. I did not check it with other Illus yet. I hit creeps around the illusion but the illusion itself is neither damaged by explosions or after the duration, nor is it slowed. Is this intended? When I hit the Illusion itself it gets the debuff which will expire damage and slow. But as I said and to make it clear: Illus are not affected by Caustic Finale Slow/Damage in the 400 AoE.

    Best regards


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    Thx Xentrope for crosschecking with other Illusions. The quotation you brought up strenghtens my opinion, that they made a mistake and that it is probably NOT intended. I mean I understand the nerf. However, why would they remove the "old" interaction from the time before the Aghs was possible for SK. Could maybe some operator move this Thread to the Bug Section please? Does it work that way? Its my first post here concerning Bugs or possible Bugs so I do not know how to handle such Threads properly.

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    not fixed yet..

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