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Thread: Can't see any backpack contents with the new unit query window

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    Thumbs up Backpack contents always appear as empty with the new unit query window

    This should be a recent change, I can't pinpoint exactly when but I think it could have been the January 24 update:

    Repro steps:
    1. Play a game with Unit query overrides hero control console turned off.
    2. Select a teammate/enemy hero who has items in his backpack slots
    Actual result: Unit query displays the backpack slots as empty slots.
    Expected result: You actually see the targets backpack items.

    The game is basically deceiving you, example: You would think that the 6 slotted Troll Warlord who is pushing your base has no TP scroll when in reality he has one in his backpack and you wrongly assume it would take him quite a while to teleport back to his base when he is just an item swap and a tp duration away from showing up in his base.


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