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Thread: Useless lvl 25 talents and a possible fix.

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    Useless lvl 25 talents and a possible fix.

    Hey Devs,
    since in ability draft people pick their abilities from a pool it often happens that a hero who has level 25 talents built around specific skills they might not even get to pick those corresponding skills ending up in having useless level 25 talent instead of what was supposed to be a big power boost.

    Since this only occurs at level 25 could we add another, 3rd talent choice as the top leaf on the picture with something that`s always beneficial, lets say some stats or respawn time?

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    I think thats not need to be fixed, because its fun mode and u need to think about talents at the draft.

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    But the talents help every hero become who they ultimately are, do you think it's better if the player THINKS more about the end of the game, at the start, when choosing abilities; becaause, what If say you play Luna, and you have a Viper Ward, then you get the reduction of Cooldown as Viper, but you don't even have the wards, Luna has your wards BUT you have the talent.

    Talents should be randomed in ability draft otherwise, so that nobody has the same talents that they normally would as the hero they play.

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    This doesn't just apply to level 25 talents... I had a game with undying recently (along without countless other games where i lost out, but this was the worst) where i was like 8th pick. On my first pick, all the relevant abilities that i could use in my talents were gone, so i had NO level 15, 20 OR 25 talents that I could use. Since I had no control at all over what other people were picking it's not fair at all. I agree with the previous post where we should have the option for respawn time reduction or + stats of whatever stat we choose.

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