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Thread: Tutorial is broken

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    Tutorial is broken

    Wow, this feedback website is about as broken as the game! I can't even upload the picture to illustrate the problem. In the tutorial, the pictures are overlayed on top of the descriptions in the center of the screen. I'm missing half of what I'm being told. I really really tried to like this game but you guys make it nearly impossible. This is the second time I tried playing this game and I am just as dissappointed as the first time Maybe I'm just not your audience but I tried really hard to be.

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    Install this small, simple program. Don't worry, maybe at least a billion use this and it doesn't take up noticeable space in even the slowest computers. Once you download it, go back to the tutorial, and when the moment comes (the tutorial glitch), hit the "Print Scrn" button on your keyboard right away. The screen will darken, then click and drag to capture the photo of the problem. Once you've adjusted it to the right size, hit the tiny "upload" button (it will look like a cloud icon) then copy n' paste the link here.

    I have 2 friends irl who started playing this game and the tutorial went great for them... It could be your computer, but you showing a picture will assist us on helping your issue.

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