When a unit is affected by Aphotic Shield and Living Armor at the same time, this currently happens:

Current behavior:
1. Living Armor functions normally, it blocks incoming damage by its amount and loses a charge per instance
2. However, Aphotic Shield still loses health as if Living Armor did not block any damage.
3. To make things worse, Aphotic Shield itself does not block any damage while having Living Armor. So it loses health but does nothing.

Expected behavior:

There are 2 different behaviors I would expect. Either:

Option 1:
1. Living Armor takes full priority. It first blocks damage and loses a charge.
2. Then, Aphotic Shield blocks the remaining damage which Living Armor could not block due to its damage cap of 80.
3. The capacity of Aphotic Shield should reduce by the amount Aphotic Shield actually blocked.


Option 2:
1. Aphotic Shield takes full priority. It blocks damage and loses capacity
2. By giving the shield higher priority, Aphotic Shield automatically does nothing, since it has no damage to react on. It doesn't lose any charges and can start blocking damage once Aphotic Shield is gone.

Option 2 would be stronger, because there, Living Armor gets to heal longer. In option 1, the living armor is more likely to run out of charges before the shield explodes. In option 2, the shield can only explode first, so living armor gets to stay longer.