The new Map is Bulls***, unnecessarily expanded, full of unnecessary stairs that i have no idea what they're good for except they provide vision for gankers who can now gank your ass in jungle much easier than before if it wasn't easy enough already ! and to further ruin the life of junglers and farmers
Also i don't know if this is a problem with the new map or the wards, but it seems like that no amount of warding can provide enough vision, the new map is full of blind spots and wards are totally useless on it, and the fog of war is just insane !
i have no idea why roshan had to migrate to northwest ! and that this new rosh-pit is so amateurishly designed ! it's like a big pimple that has popped out of river, more like Roshan stadium than pit !
Good job money grubbing gaben, this new update is a big pile of crap .