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Thread: Create & Stream Public Lobbies

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    Question Create & Stream Public Lobbies


    I'm looking for some information and was hoping the community might be able to advise

    We are in the process of building a project that will work closely with various API's (Steam, DOTA2, OpenDota), yet after the research we've done thus far, including experimenting with the API's and various iterations thereof, we are still facing 2 challenges:

    1. The ability to access and/or fetch a match stream of a public lobby that's not necessarily a competitive and/or league/tournament match. I.e. streaming a public lobby match (whether you a friends with the person or not). I know this can be done if there is a broadcaster cam role in it, but I was wondering if there is a way to get a stream of a match without a broadcaster?

    2. Being able to automate the lobby creation steps (adjusting default settings and inviting pre defined players based on their Steam IDs). We have achieved this using some open source libs such as node-dota2 ( but we are facing a issue where we would like to create multiple lobbies at the same time. The library only allows creation of one lobby due to the fact that its bound to a Steam login - which cannot be in 2 lobbies at once. Would be happy to compensate someone (PM me) for their time if you can lend a hand!

    Looking forward to hearing if anyone has any insights as to how we can achieve these goals.

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    Sorry to bump this but hoping someone can help out

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