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    Added a new quick sketch on how to add quickbuy content to the panel:

    Important things:
    New background for stash items and quickbuy items and added a label to both quickbuy and stash.

    I'm sure you can take a quick look at my sketch and improve it a bit. Also I only sketched the worst case scenario, that is full stash and full quickbuy.
    For other situations the panel could use improvements. In standard DotA players will often times have no stashed items but quickbuy is constantly in use, so maybe the stash and quickbuy should swap positions, so that there's not always an empty space before the quickbuy. Maybe if for example the stash is empty, the whole stash space is just not displayed and the quickbuy moves upwards etc.

    I'm sure you'll figure it out and deliver something amazing.

    Missing quickbuy content and constant portait animation (oblivous of the user's graphic settings for portaits) are the biggest issues with the panel right now.
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