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Thread: Bot usage in custom games

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    Bot usage in custom games

    Is there some philosophical or technical reasons why bot scripting is not ported for custom game usage? I'm the developer for Legends of Dota: Redux custom game, and its one of only 2 custom games on the workshop that have bot support, and it only achieves this in a very hacky and hard to reproduce way.

    I know many other modders who have tried to get bots to work, e.g. the creators of Dusk, Next Generation, Dota Inverted map and others. So many custom games are dotalikes require 10 players to be played probably, unfortunately its very hard to get that raw mass of players to begin with, but if they had bot capabilities, small groups of friends could still play these mods, and the mods wouldnt be completely dead. My mod has only survived for so long because it has bot support.

    When bot scripting was announced the potential for custom games seemed incredible, yet sadly it seems not to be so. Please consider allowing bot scripting to be used in custom games, as it will be a godsend to so many custom games struggling to maintain players. Thanks.

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    I for one would support this as a benefit to AI writers as well. We would probably get a lot more exposure to the player base in custom games. There has to be plenty of people that would welcome bots in their custom games that wouldn't play with bots in standard DOTA. However, there will be obvious extra hurdles for AI writers to support these extra game modes. Even the DOTA-esque ones have big differences, and the totally custom games should just have totally custom AI, although they might benefit from some of the API.

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    There shouldn't be an active promotion of dotalikes in dota custom games, it's just detrimental to the scene as a whole. Regardless, this is something to discuss in the custom game section and not the bot scripting section.
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