Whether in game, or in options, DotA2 is not registering altW and altR as inputs. I've tried testing altQ, altE, altD, and altF which all register correctly.

This issue creates problems when toggling autocast on heroes like Silencer and Tusk. I've done a lot of research to try solving this issue by myself, but I simply cant find an useful branch to go down on.

Just some background info which may be relevent, I usually only have chrome, steam, DotA2, and autohotkey running when playing. Autohotkey reconfigures my ctrl to alt, windows key to ctrl, and alt to windows key. There are also no autoexec.cfg for dota.

Again, alt + Q,E,D,F all register fine in options and in game. just W and R blank out. Any help on fixing this would be greatly appreciated.