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Thread: Item component order improvements (e.g. AGHS: Point Booster > STR > INT > AGI)

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    Item component order improvements (e.g. AGHS: Point Booster > STR > INT > AGI)

    Keep in mind that these changes are not reflecting the order in which you should buy items. However, if the most expensive item is displayed first you can still buy the next affordable item with the quickbuy hotkey. Same for secret shop components. If you are able to purchase a Vitality Booster for your Vanguard because you have 1100 gold and are at the secret shop, then the game should give you that Vitality Booster and not a f*cking Ring of Health etc.

    My suggested changes to the item component order:

    The objective of my suggestion is to improve the item component order to avoid situations in which players buy the wrong item component or have to resort to individually click buy components instead of using the quickbuy hotkey. Buying the wrong components before you die can make you lose a lot of gold, see clip below!

    Since it's impossible to make it perfect for any situation instead the system should be tweaked so that it offers the best solution in the majority of cases.

    I have looked at all upgraded items and their recipes and identified 12 (+10 debatable) cases in which the item component order is counter-intuitive.

    These changes focus in the following rules sorted by their display order priority:

    1. Secret shop components

    2. (usable) non-basic components, example: Yasha in Manta Style, Soul Ring in Bloodstone etc. & (usable) basic components. Usable components are given an extra bit of priority over normal components (with similar cost).

    3. Recipes

    Rule #1 is the most important rule since when you press that quickbuy button AND you or the courier are at a secret shop location you are going to want to buy that secret shop component.

    And for sorting inside these categories themselves:

    1. Sort items with similar prices by attribute priority order: STR > INT > AGI (affects Ogre Club etc. & Belt of Strength etc.)

    2. Sort by other stat priorities for similar prices: HP regen > Mana regen; flat HP bonus > flat Mana bonus (Point Booster > Vit Booster > Energy Booster; Ring of Health > Void Stone)

    3. Sort by early game practicability, e.g. Boots always first: Boots have higher priority than Gloves of haste for Power Treads; Morbid Mask has higher priority than Mithril Hammer for Satanic; Ogre Club has a higher priority than Mithril Hammer for Black King Bar; Broadsword has higher priority than Claymore for Battlefury since very similar cost but Broadsword can be bought at the side shop! This is most important for recipes that consist of very low cost items, like Mekansm. Generally the headress regen is more useful for laning and less expensive to get compared to buckler.

    4. Sort by price in descending order

    I will now present some example situations:

    - Item component order for Poor Man's Shield & Magic Stick & Aghanim's Scepter & Soul Booster (propagates to items built from Soul Booster) are just annoying to deal with. The component that you want to buy first for these items is just wrong and using quickbuy button ends up buying trash. You want Magic Wand instead of Circlet for Magic Stick; you want stout Shield instead of Slippers for Poor Man's Shield; you want Point Booster instead of Vitality Booster for Soul Booster. Note: If you think Energy Booster for Soul Booster instead because of Arcane Boots + disassemble then just queue up Arcane Boots and multi-quickbuy (shift+ctrl+Lclick on items in the shop) Bloodstone/Octarine Core.

    - In the vast majority of cases players will want to build Dragon Lance first when pursuing to buy Hurricane Pike and not Force Staff!

    - You have Skull Basher in quickbuy with 1500-1949 current gold and you are about to die: . As you can see you are not using up your unreliable gold and you end up losing a lot of gold by dying. Instead of buying Javelin and losing 125 gold you ended up buying Belt of Strength and losing 852 gold! That's a difference of 727 in gold lost.

    - You have 1 free inventory slot, you intend to upgrade your Skull Basher to Abyssal Blade, your current gold is 1100-1974 and you are at the secret shop: . With all these constraints it should be obvious that you want to get the Vitality Booster but quickbuy will buy the Ring of Health (which ends up in your stash too..) and instead you can no longer afford the Vitality Booster.

    Now if we change the component order for Vanguard to Vitality Booster > Ring of Health > Stout Shield this would not happen.

    But I am sure someone is gonna think "But when I rush Vanguard in lane I want to buy the Ring of Health first!". However that does not matter because unless you have 1100 gold AND you are at the secret shop the quickbuy will still buy your beloved Ring of Health: . As you can see Ring of Health is 3rd component for Battlefury yet it is no problem to buy it with quickbuy in a laning scenario!

    You can always buy cheaper components first with quickbuy if you cannot afford the more expensive components! Also you can always buy non-secret shop components first with quickbuy if you (or your courier) are not at the secret shop!

    What do you think about this, does my suggestion make sense? Would love some feedback.

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