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Thread: Current Bugs I've Spotted

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    Bots seem to like randomly attacking neutrals in the jungle with abilities when chasing you, when next to them, even at level 1-5 sometimes.

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    Still occurring bugs and also getting stuck at secret and side shop and backpack problems still.

    Please fix all these bugs and if not all, as much as you can; these are ruining the bot games.

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    Please fix the default bots: Skywrath still casting 'Q' on minions, wasting mana, bots automatically targeting neutrals in the jungle, when chasing (easy to avoid dying from unfair bots due to this).

    One was the bot overwrite project with Drow Ranger and she managed to escape due to this.


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    Also, I remember the bots before 7.00 towerdiving, they did it perfectly well, but now about one or two manages to die, without any damage from heroes; it felt like before 7.00, the bots had boosted health and tankiness.

    And they still struggle with chasing; if one of their creeps is chasing after you as well, they tend to get stuck behind it constantly, making it easy for you to lose them or even bait them into a tower.

    Forgot to mention the courier problems again; it randomly stays in place, giving you free gold.
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    Default bots ain't leveling up some talents.

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    ya same here...

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