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Thread: SimplyBetterBots (2017-01-07) is closed? Reporting a bug...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironmano View Post
    It's pretty likely that if a dev designed their script inefficiently it will be a huge undertaking to modify their script for performance in most cases. However, and I would assume I'm not the only one that feels this way, if you're going to pick up a script and start modifying it please collaborate with the dev that wrote it. Especially if you're doing something like improve performance without changing the design goals. A lot of these project would probably welcome any help they can get and it would prevent the workshop from becoming clogged with a bunch of near identical scripts with different bugs in them
    I do not understand programming at all. What I know I learned by copying or observing some lines of the files. But in what I can help, I will be helping. Is it easy to find the main owners of scripts in this forum?

    Thank you for your responses and for the contribution of a healthier DotA community. God bless!

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    It's not too bad to find authors around here, but obviously not all authors will be regulars here. If you make an effort to find them (like this thread was good) and they don't turn up, at least you tried

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