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Thread: Cant See Minimap (Show in Blank Grey Color)

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    I also have the same issues

    Quote Originally Posted by coolhew11 View Post
    i Cant see my minimap in gameplay please see picture below:
    Try many time with restart and play in Bot mode also cant see minimap.
    please help to resolve this problem, really cant play without minimap.

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    please fix this asap, i recon about 4 times still no changesbug.png

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    Will it be okay when i uninstall the game and reinstall it again?

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    Me me fix this bug

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    Me too its hard to play without mini map pls fix it

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    we are the same !

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    does some1 give a fuck about issues here?
    It's a big bug and no1 seems to care about it.

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    can somebody fix this , i have the same issue

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    pota steam ano nangyayari

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    pls wtf fix this

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