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Thread: February 15 Bot Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by insraq View Post
    mode_laning_generic = dofile( GetScriptDirectory().."/mode_laning_generic" )

    Will this work for Mac? I believe the previous require approach will resolve to a wrong path on Mac
    Honestly not sure, but we also did some work for fixing up things like path slashes so I'd give it a try and see what happens.

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    Is Action:Useability already under protection from being called too often? I've added

    if (npcBot:IsUsingAbility() ) then return; end
    to wherever I called this action but sometimes(very rare but do happen when I play with armlet or manta) bot still get stucked.

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    After this update, Dota crash. Even before the HUD screen shown, DOta terminated and I cant find what is the exact bug here.
    Are the previous biolerplate still works>

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