I put a tonne of skrill on my steam account to buy chests and convert it to roullette spins because the last day it was available was meant to be pre sure 14/2/17,

it was 14/2/17 in australia which meant it shouldn't of been near expiration but that's not the problem, the problem is that once i got about half way through my spins, i got this spin, that never loaded any items and would always land on the exact same spot, the green line between spin again, and roshan, now i understand that this system is made to pay out less than a casino but really, pre rolled spins? i dont understand how i can spin the wheel about 100 times, get 0 rewards and have it always land on the exact same spot.

I also don't understand why when it lands on SPIN AGAIN, instead of listing it at the bottom it just specifics Dark Moon Roshan, then it gives you some unreleated chests, there's ss of on my acc.