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Thread: Helm of Dominator is to weak now

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    There is no doubt the item needs a rework, I still don't understand why they nerfed it in the first place. I don't think the need to control a creep is worth paying 1400 gold more than a Wand. The item no longer crafts into anything and the creep will give the enemy 125 gold when it is killed. After all you can pay 400 more gold to go into a Veil of Discord and get far better stats including 6.8 Armor and 25% Magic Amp for the whole team.

    I would probably reduce the price of the item to 1400 gold since controlling an extra unit takes skill and should be rewarded not punished. It would be different if the item did form into a better item but that's a different story.

    I wonder what good it does however by posting here in the forums, for example even if we all agreed, how will the developers listen and update the game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by noobster View Post
    Holy crap, I can't thank you enough for guiding me on that or else I would have screwed up a few games.

    Turns out Satanic is no longer a friendly or easier build like it was back then... Now I gotta deal with that Morbid UAM instead of a functioning HotD. Grr
    yeah me too, it was 6 month ago is the last time i played dota, since i move oversea. now i want to start over again. but i think there is a lot of different now. hopefully i dont get too screw up in my first game.

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    That item annoyed me like hell after the update, I think when they want to change an item that much, just remove it and create a new item so no one will get confused, but anyway the whole point of it was the life steal, so now i find it unfavorable for carries since they should get better damage and life steal items, but it's always a dependent.
    dota 2 is way too easier when dota 2 combos

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