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Thread: Where'd my legacy keys go?

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    Thumbs up Where'd my legacy keys go?

    With the latest update, there's no longer an option to choose legacy keys. I had to manually arrange the hotkeys for my hero but the thing is, if a hero's skill is placed on the same key as courier hotkey, one or the other disappears.

    For example, Slardar's stun is on "R" in the legacy, so is courier speed burst. But they can't be on the same key now.

    Edit: Okay, I've found it. For those who might face this same problem, you have to click on "Reset Hotkeys" and then choose the legacy keys there. I don't know why they shifted its place but whatever...
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    Just checked the Hotkeys - Advanced - Use Legacy Keys option and it works just fine (no need to reset hotkeys for it).
    Everything is exactly where it was even before 7.00, so ?! Did you just get back after a year absence or something..

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