So I was muted for 168 hours, which ended after this game:

Fast forward 3 games to this game: - my 25 game conduct summary is updated ( As you can see, I have a clean report record.

From there, fast forward 6 games, I receive another 168 hour mute following this game:

Fast forward 1 game, I play my most recent game as Bloodseeker, I am given 4 game low priority penalty.

Did I flame my team in a couple games, sure, but I wouldn't even say I was flaming, more critically analyzing the game. Were my flames valid, absolutely, I could go into detail on each game if requested. Did I purposely throw any game? No. Do I deserve back to back week long mutes and back to back low priority penalties?? Hell no.

: Went from a clean report record (0-2 reports) to 7 games later having a 168 mute and low priority penalty. This should be impossible.

Also as an extra note, I've played 44 ranked games (not including calibration). Of those 44 games, only 19/44 games resulted in a result of -24, +24, -25, or +25. Please explain that to me Valve.

First time posting on these forums, not surprised to see so many similar threads. How many people need to point out the obvious before Valve addresses the problem?