So a couple of months ago, Techies' Suicide Squad Attacks response rules were reworked. He got response rules for
* Dying to suicide without getting any kill with it
* Dying to sucide with getting a kill with it
* respawning after suicide
* reincarnating after suicide

Now that suicide was reworked, the response rules no longer work.

All of those rules still fit well to Blast Off, so they could just be fixed to work with it. The thing is just, some of them would only trigger when Techies dies to Blast Off. Therefore, I suggest adding a new response rules: Killing an enemy with Blast Off

So we'd new a new criterion (since suicide isn't set already like other spells)
criterion "IsTechiesBlastOff" "abilityname" "techies_suicide" weight 5 required
Similar to Techies' other special kill lines (killing with proximity and remote mines), it maybe should have a 15% proc chance. Something like this

Response techies_KillIsTechiesBlastOffChance_15%_Rule:
As for the lines, these 2 seem most fitting (currently hooked up to the broken suicide death + killing enemy response rule)