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Thread: Bug in the "learn" page with robe of the magi.

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    Bug in the "learn" page with robe of the magi.

    1. Select robe of the magi in the "Learn" page.
    2. Look what you can draw from this.
    3. You see the "Power Treads", but If you press on Power Treads You don't see robe of the magi.
    You can check this yourself.

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    Learn tab item page is teaching you a hidden "feature" that has been around a long time. Good to know it is showing it there. Click on Band of Elvenskin to see it also is a component of Power Treads. And it is not a bug. The bug (if you believe it be a bug) would be, it not showing the "OR" components when clicking on Power Treads. It isn't shown even in game shop so that is there.

    Belt of Strength, Robe of the Magi or Band of Elvenskin can be used to make Power Treads.
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