We've got a couple changes coming up that I wanted to make you guys aware of:

Dedicated Server support for bot scripts
We're starting to roll out support for running bot scripts on our dedicated servers. Much like custom games, we'll probably be selecting a few scripts at first to test the system, and then well likely open it up to the most popular bot scripts. This enables us to do a few things:
  • Coop bot matches vs scripted bots. We're not exactly sure what this is going to look like, but we'd like to do a better job of exposing scripted bots to the segment of players that enjoy playing against (or with) bots. Some sort of integration into the play menu is likely.
  • Bot-vs-bot matches. We'd like to publicize (and make spectatable!) bot scripts playing against each other, possibly by having some sort of presence on the Watch tab. Lots of details to still be worked out, but we think it would be entertaining for customers to get a preview of the top bots in action. Possibility of something like bot script MMR?
  • Bots that cater to more specific audiences. Having the highest-skill bots is a fun challenge, but we'd like to showcase bots that do other things -- specific challenges (dealing with the super-push bots is a good example), or bots that are more tailored to teaching new players the game, rather than mercilessly defeating them.

Expanding Workshop support
In the coming weeks we're going to move bot scripts to be more normal elements of the Dota Workshop. That means that scripts will have their own workshop page with images, videos, longer descriptions and update notes, comment sections, etc. You'll also be able to manage subscriptions from outside the game.

The goal with these changes are to better showcase your work, make sure players who are interested playing your bots can easily do so, and foster a development community of bot authors and their fans.