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Thread: After Several Attempts to Connect, the Server Did Not Respond

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    Exclamation After Several Attempts to Connect, the Server Did Not Respond

    Happened to me three times in a row matchmaking tonight. I get this error after clicking accept, fail to join. I got 5 min, 10 min, and 60 min bans respectively. I'm quite scared to try the queue again, fearing a longer term or perma ban for what appears to be a server issue. A friend of mine was having the same issue tonight, suggesting to me again that the problem is NOT on my end.

    I looked around from other forums as well as this, seems like the problem is sporadic and wide spread for other users as well. None of the "solutions" have worked for me. I tried restarting steam, restarting PC modem router, flushing steam config, etc. Still, about half the time I try to create and start a lobby game, it fails. During failure, this kind of error message is showing up consistently in the dota 2 console:

    [Client] Failed to connect to =[A:1:1666408454:9387]. Reason code 4001. Timeout; remote problem. Rx age server (never) relay 0.0s
    [Client] CL: Server disconnected: 80: #GameUI_Disconnect_RemoteProblem_TimeoutConnecting
    [NetSteamConn] Closing Steam Net Connection on socket 'client' to =[A:1:1666408454:9387], handle d0001 (1000 CloseSocket)
    [Networking] Summary of connection to [A:1:1666408454:9387]:
    [Networking] End-to-end connection: closed due to problem detected locally, reason code 4001. (Timeout; remote problem. Rx age server (never) relay 0.0s)

    Is there anything I can do other than cross my fingers and queue again?

    It doesn't seem fair to ban users when the servers are messing up!

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    It's not just you. I've gotten this about 4 times today as well. I have also queued for matches and seen others not connect to the match after accepting the match.

    Valve's devs just are not smart enough to NOT flag the user with a "you did not click accept in time" penatly, when you actually did click accept but could not get the drafting screen.

    It's okay, Dota 2 has millions fewer players this year than last year, which means lost revenue. I'm sure penalizing players who queue, click accept, and then cannot get connected, with bans is a great way to reduce the number of players in the player base even more.

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    Nice to get queban because volvo cant do shit properly.......

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    Wait for tonight people. It happened overnight and CS:GO had similar issues with clicking Ready. If this was an issue with a Valve datacenter, most penalties will most likely get reverted.

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    This issue is still happening today. And I still see it where all 10 players have clicked "Accept" and 1 or 2 of them never make it to the draft screen. I have also gotten the "After Several Attempts to Connect, the Server Did Not Respond" dialog today.

    However, note to anyone who gets this. Be sure you acknowledge the dialog and keep trying to reconnect, over and over, until the matchmaking times out. If you do that, you might not get the queue ban. That worked for me just a few moments ago.

    Also, when the issue happens, exit both Dota 2 Client and Steam Client, then reconnect to Steam, then reconnect to Dota 2, before you try to queue for matchmaking again.

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    Okay, this issue is now happening such that I cannot connect to any ranked matchmaking games, 100% of all attempts to queue for ranked matches.

    Things I have tried thus far:
    1. Upon receiving the "After Several Attempts to Connect, the Server Did Not Respond" dialog, quickly acknowledge it and then click the "Reconnect" button. This never connects to the match, but at times it may avoid a queue ban (not always and not lately)

    2. Upon #1 above occurring, restart both the Steam client and the Dota 2 client between each and every attempt to queue for a ranked match.
      Yesterday this would some times result in being able to queue and connect to ranked match. However, out of 10 players, someone almost always would not connect which still resulted in not being able to play a match. Today, this doesn't seem to be helping connect at all.

    3. Disabling my PC's firewall (which was just Windows Firewall)
      I tried this today with no change in results.

    4. Shutting down my Router, letting it sit for 5 minutes, and rebooting my Router.
      I tried this today with no change in results.

    5. Setting the Dota 2 Advanced Option → Network → Network Quality: I have a Low-end Network.
      I tried this today with no change in results.

    NOTES: I've played Dota 2 since 2012, on high-end network, and on my own custom-built gaming PC. I have never had connection issues like this it up until mid-day yesterday when this thread originally started. I actually queued for and played about 4 matches yesterday without issue, until this issue started about mid-day. Whatever this issue is, I'm convinced it exists at the server end of the connection, or between the Steam server and Dota 2 match server. Players are not getting socketed into a matche correctly, and then they are getting unfairly banned from queuing for ranked matches, because the match server thinks they didn't click ""Accept", which they have already done. In my last three queue attempts, I even click "Reconnect" three times per match, only to end up with a longer and longer queue ban.

    You need to fix this Volvo!

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    The issue (at least the one I am experiencing) appears to be confined to USA East server. I'm queuing on USA west without issue, after not being able to connect on East.
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    Looks like they fixed the connection issue with today's update, I was able to play several games today and had no issues. Kudos to the devs for solving the server issues reasonably fast.

    Now, if this or another server bug happens to appear again in the future, the same auto ban code is probably still in place. Please fix that too devs!

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    Is anyone still facing these issues? I have had two games that just disconnected me and didnt let me reconnect leading to 2 abandons and LP while one game just kicked us all out and didnt count 30 mins in.

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