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Thread: Meepos clones inherit boots in their backpack slots

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    Meepos clones inherit boots in their backpack slots

    First of all this is not necessarily bug according to the definition of Meepo's ultimate:
    the clones cannot wield any items but the boots that Meepo himself wears
    So the question is whether boots inside the Main Meepo's backpack count as "worn" when he actually uses different boots in his inventory. Regardless it deserves a mention as it could potentially be an oversight with the backpack system and also would be a decent QoL fix for Meepo players.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Maximum level Meepo buys Boots of Travel and Power Treads
    2. Move Boots of Travel to your backpack
    Actual result: The clones will inherit the Boots of Travel in the same slot as the main meepo. They will inherit inactive boots.
    Expected result A): The clones will prefer to copy boots from the Main Meepo's inventory. They inherit Power Treads from his inventory.
    Expected result B): The clones will copy Boots of Travel from the Main Meepo's backpack but they are placed in the first inventory slot for the clones.

    Video (ignore the double brown boots text line, also Guardian Greaves come after BoT I and before Power Treads):

    Meepo's clones inherit boots according to a priority order even when those boots are in his backpack (and thus end up in the clone's backpack).

    Suggested fix for A): Only copy boots from the Main Meepo's inventory since clones do not gain anything by copying boots from the backpack anyways.
    Suggested fix for B): If the cloned boots were in Main Meepo's backpack move them to the first inventory slot of the clone instead.

    The question is if you want to obey the boots priority order [Suggested fix B)] or if you prefer that all Meepos have the same pair of boots active (although the Main Meepo can have multiple lower priority boots as well) but this allows boot switching through the backpack[Suggested fix A)].

    If this is intentional just delete or move to /MISC please.
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    Thanks for pointing it out.I can't switch my tranquil boots/arcane boots with treads. I can't see how this helps meepo at all. It should be fixed as it is indeed a bug.

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