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Thread: Change back report system.

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    Angry Change back report system.

    Please change back the report system, this 6 minimum reports it's getting old and it's pretty stupid. I play like 2-3 ranked games with people who don't see their own fault in gameplay and just get everyone to report who they feel is the reason they lost. And before you say have a positive mental attitude, i do. I was actually muted this last batch of reports cause my Meepo wants to practice meepo in a ranked game, meanwhile i can't defend myself cause i'm muted due to people just being hella upset. I also see a lot of my high mmr friends being in LP almost daily. It's like a curse if you're 5k+ cause you're expected to carry but at the same time the players below your mmr constantly feed so you can't carry. I'd like to be able to play ranked more than 3 games and not get LP just cause i only need 6 now instead of 12 , i'm not learning shit and it's actually making me a more upset player instead of a good one.

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